3D Space via Quicktime for Web Observers

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This page is accessible at the short URL http://tr.im/3dspacealt
Recorded version for demonstration

For OpenVCE.net Web Observers, you can launch two other tools in separate windows - to let you move them on screen as you wish:


  • All-in-One: The "All-in-One" link may also be used to launch all three tools by those without the Adobe Connect launcher plug-in installed. Unfortunately, Adobe Connect otherwise will take over the whole window rather than staying within its allocated frame.
  • Video/Audio via Apple Quicktime: Video and audio is relayed via Quicktime Steaming using the Real Time Streaming protocol (http:// or rtsp:// on port 554) which may be blocked by some firewalls.
  • I-Say: You may use the chat facilility to communicate between others using this chat facility and those within a nominated OpenVCE 3D Space. When you chat you will be asked for a name. That name will be used to identify your messages. Type return after a message to send a chat message. Make sure you send at least one even very simple "Hi" message, since you will not see any chat from others until you do. There can be a 20 seconds or more delay on first use.
  • Twitter: the hash-tag normally used for OpenVCE events is #openvce