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You can usually find me in the VCE region in Second Life, in the I-Zone. I am often there to keep open a video link for access into the OpenVCE 3D space to allow access by those not using a Second Life Viewer... see the links for alternative Access via Harmonie Web (HW) and via Quicktime Streaming (QT) in the 3D space navigation menu to the left.

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Second Life

OpenVCE 3D Space - Round table for up to 25 people


I also can have a chat capability provided by MyCyberTwin which means you can chat to me in-world when I am not otherwise working. If I am busy in world you can always chat to me via the web tool shown below. I am gradually improving my responses and my knowledge-base to assist OpenVCE users. At some point soon, I may be supported by I-X Technology to assist meetings.