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MOSES: Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy


Project MOSES is an exploratory effort designed to evaluate the ability of the Open Simulator to replace Second Life Enterprise (SLE) for independent and secured access to a Virtual World environment.

DTED, VOIP, and Web Based Monitoring Tools are just a few robust features MOSES offers.


For more information see these postings:

Account signup - after suitable checks on your involvement, is available via:















The OpenVCE Project has a region on MOSES:

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Space Shuttle STS-133 Launch in Second Life

The launch of Space Shuttle STS-133, Discovery, on 24th February 2011 relayed into the NASA Colab facility in Second Life.

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Hypergrid jump regions on Openvue and OSGrid

The Opensimulator-based Openvue and OSGrid have regions which act as gateways for jumping between grids using the HyperGrid facilities on OpenSim.

The routings between Openvue and OSGrid regions makes use of these HyperGrid jump regions to allow for movement within a range of 4096,4096 locations on the region x,y location map on each grid.  It is a viewer restriction that any jump be less than that range.

 Vue-9000 on the Openvue Grid is actually located at 9017,9017 at present to avoid interaction in map search with a region already placed at 9000,9000 on OSGrid.


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Christmas 2010 on VCE in Second Life

Rudolph seems to be grazing in the Central Plaza of VCE...

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