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Simplified I-Room for DICE Deployed in OpenSim-based MOSES Grid

A simplified design of I-Room has been moved from its original location on the VCE region in Second Life onto OpenVCE group space on the US Army run MOSES OpenSim grid.  It is available both in a location on the main OpenVCE_00 region just off the Central Plaza, and across from the original more complex I-Room, and for experimentation it is also on a radically simplified region OpenVCE_03 on MOSES.


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Unity3D I-Room with Mulit-User Access, VoIP, and Widgets

The Unity3D I-Room tests now include VoIP. The main window is a Unity3D build of the I-Room in an open terrain. This is delivered using the SmartFox MMO server. Around the 3D view are a number of widgets to provide a Twitter feed on a nominated #tag, a shared whiteboard/presentation facilility vased on Dabbleboard, and now a Flash-based video-teleconferencing facility from Tokbox.

The demonstration I-Room with VoIP is avaialble at: but please note that the SmartFox server required for MMO access is not always kept running.

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OpenVCE Virtual Worlds Assets moved from OpenSim to Unity3D via Tipodean Collada Converter


See for details of Tipodean's OpenSim to Collada for Unity3D conversion service.

The Collada translation of the open source OpenVCE assets suitable for import into Unity3D was kindly provided to Austin Tate by Chris Collins of Tipodean Technologies for experiments and an early trial version is available at

For other experiments with I-Rooms in Unity3D see

Note that the multi-user severs (using Smart Fox Pro) at Edinburgh are required for some of the demonstrations and are not always left running.

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Edinburgh MSc in e-Learning

Experimental page for e-Learning related tools, techniques and culture.

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ISCRAM Distinguished Service Award for Gerhard Wickler

Congratulations to Gerhard Wickler of AIAI at the University of Edinburgh who was presented with the Distinguished Service Award at ISCRAM 2011 in Lisbon on 11th May 2011.

Gerhard has been very active in the International Community on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management over the years including organizing a track on AI for Crisis Response at ISCRAM events, and an international group on this topic which regularly meets in a virtual world meeting space.


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