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OpenSim - OSGrid Developers Weekly Meeting

Meeting on 2-Aug-2011

Nebadon Izumi, a core OpenSim developer and manager for OSGrid,  provides a set of images for many of the OpenSim/OSGrid developer meetings over the years via 


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OpenSim in Embedded Web Page via SpotOn3D

SpotOn3D provides a plug-in which enables a version of the Hippo viewer for Virtual Worlds OpenSim (a third party viewer based on the Linden Labs 1.23.5 viewer) to be seen embedded in a web page. Early versions allowed access to multiple grids, but it is likely that this will be closed in future. Those available for selection from the entry web page are at

Openvue Grid Welcome Island in SpotOn3D Plug-in

MOSES Grid OpenVCE region in SpotOn3D Plug-in

** Note that as of 31-Jul-2011, Hippo is not explicitly listed as an approved Third Party Viewer to access Second Life. This can simply be because the author has not applied for such as listing. For an up to date status check on this see the list of approved viewers at

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Test Blog

Test 1

test 2

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ISCRAM Distinguished Service Award for Gerhard Wickler

Congratulations to Gerhard Wickler of AIAI at the University of Edinburgh who was presented with the Distinguished Service Award at ISCRAM 2011 in Lisbon on 11th May 2011.

Gerhard has been very active in the International Community on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management over the years including organizing a track on AI for Crisis Response at ISCRAM events, and an international group on this topic which regularly meets in a virtual world meeting space.


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MOSES: Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy


Project MOSES is an exploratory effort designed to evaluate the ability of the Open Simulator to replace Second Life Enterprise (SLE) for independent and secured access to a Virtual World environment.

DTED, VOIP, and Web Based Monitoring Tools are just a few robust features MOSES offers.


For more information see these postings:

Account signup - after suitable checks on your involvement, is available via:















The OpenVCE Project has a region on MOSES:

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