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Second Life "Display Names" coming in September 2010

A common issue for collaborative uses of Second Life is the inabilty to select a real name or show it efrectively alongside an avatar in Secod Life.  This is about to change.  Unique usernames and "display names" will now be separate and can be used in flexible ways.

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Googe Wave a Goner

Google has said they will not continue development of Google Wave.


From our perspective it was just too difficult and very slow to use. Though its ideas were good and it did allow some forms of shared media, map and other shared whiteboard style uses in a convenient fashion.  Its user and access policy also was really awful and did not encourage uptake.

Other forms of shared media that can be used within virtual worlds like Second Life and OpenSim will be explored by us.

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Test of Opensim 0.7 Hypergrid 1.5 between Openvue and GermanGrid

Met up with the guys at the bar on German Grid for a beer - and test of Hypergrid 1.5 in Opensim 0.7


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Testing Vivox Voice in Google Wave for

Vivox voice services are used in Second Life already, and give high quality spatialised sound for such environments.  See A "Vivox Voice Gadget" is available to add voice facilities into a Google Wave. See:

Introductory  Video

Gadget URL
To install, please edit your wave, and add a gadget.  Give this URL:


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