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PMESII Tools Wiki Entry

The Wiki now contains a significant report on PMESII analysis related tools created by Jordan Wilcox of SOSA Corp. See 

A poster in the VCE region of Second Life points at this Wiki resource. See

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New World Grid Update and Hypergrid for NewVCE Region

The NewVCE region  on New World Grid is an Opensim Region available for OpenVCE users.  It is enabled with Freeswitch VoIP.  For more details of how to connect, see

The June 2010 New World Grid Newletter describes the update of the facilities to Opensim to 0.6.8 and 0.6.9, and the enabling of "Hypergrid" facilities to allow movement to experimenntal Opensim Grid "OpenVue" run at the Virtual University of Edinburgh, and to other Hypergridfacilities such as OSGrid, etc.



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I-Room included in Linden Labs Destination Guide and Shared Media Blog Post

I-Room has been included in Linden Labs Secod Life Destination Guide and in a blog posting on 5-Apr-2010 describing innovative use of Shared Media in the Second Life Viewer 2:


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Experimental visualizations in 3D space for concept maps, semantic nets and issue argumentation


Cocktail on a stick visualizations for Questions - Options - Criteria (QOC) pro/con argumentation about issues, options and evaluation criteria, with links to concept maps and detiled information both within the 3D space and outside it on a web portal.


Some earlier design sketches by Austin Tate from 7-Feb-2009 for alterntive 3D visualisations for QOC style interaction are included here:



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I-Room Awarded Second Place in Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge Collaboration Category

I-Room won second place in the Collaboration category (for government related projects) of the Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge.  A certificate and red rosette was awarded both in real life and in Second Life.


More details on the I-Room entry at:

PDF copy of artwork for the winners ribbon attached.


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