Bugs and Reporting Issues

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Abuse on the web site should be reported to abuse@openvce.net

Problems and issues in using OpenVCE.net should be reported to bugs@openvce.net

If bugs are identified in the systems and platforms in use on OpenVCE.net they are reported to the originators or communities providing the software or services.

Known issues are:

[1-Jul-2009] When a page is displayed the hyperlinks that show when the mouse if hovered over the Edit, Reply and other links underneath the page contents are slightly to the right of where the mouse is physically placed.  They can be selected by going to the extreme left of the relevant link.  But it is easy to select the wrong link (e.g. reply rather than Edit).

[1-Jul-2009] There are a number of mechanisms to insert and edit the link properties for images in pages.  Some adjustments to image position can conflict and result in unexpected image placement.  Stick to a single image placement method. Note that for image assist with the tag display option, the WYSIWYG editor "input format" should be selected, even if Raw HTML or other input formats are temporalily used to input required page HTML code, or else the image will just show as a [image assist:] tag

[15-Aug-2009] When admin approval for new account registrations is in effect, group managers for the groups on the registration page are asked to check and approve membership of the user selected groups.  They can therefore get and try to handle these requests before the account is activated. A fix is to only allow open groups on the initial registration page.

[27-Aug-2009] SLuser module shows the key code during the registration process to the user, so they can use that on a terminal in world even before their account is actuated. It should make the user wait until they have activated access by any of the routes possible for authorisation/activation.