DICE Project - Dismounted Incident Collaboration Environment

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Beyond the initial workplan and deliverables which will be summarized and linked here for convenience... this page provides other useful information for the project.

DICE Events and Meetings

DICE Functional Requirements versus Platforms 

DICE Requirements and Collaborative Work Analysis (CWA)

JH: 27-Sep-2011:

I propose a slightly different set of row variables to evaluate the different platforms. I propose instead of going all the way down to the feature level, we bump up to the physical function level of the VCE CWA for distributed collaboration. We could evaluate each platform on a scale of 1-3, 1=little to no support, 2=moderate support, 3=considerable support. We could base the score on how many and/or how well the platform features support the physical function (e.g., MOSES supports written messages, spoken messages, and some deictic references fairly well if the VOIP is working well enough and therefore would merit a 2 or 3 in Explicit communication). We then could drill down for each or selected platforms to the feature/physical object level to further explain its support for each function.
Collaboration Platform Basic FunctionsCollaboration Platform Basic Functions
Issues to Address
  • Do you know of any 2D collaborative environments similar to SL or OpenSim that has a lot of the functionality but potentially less complexity? [JH, 30-Aug-2011]
  • See comments at http://openvce.net/2d
  • Other OpenVCE issues that arose during WoSCR community experiments at http://openvce.net/dice-issues

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