Guidance for OpenVCE Event Organizers

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The following protocol is proposed to assist an event organzer in preparing for an event to be held using the OpenVCE.

Real Life Event linked to a Virtual World Audience

  • Prepare a web page to describe the event, and give details. A Stabdard Operating procedure fro this can be found at Examples can be seen on the Events menu at
  • Decide on whether you will just relay the video/audio into the virtual world, or provider more interaction. Typical provisions are:
    • Video/audio as a Quicktime compatible stream from the live event.
    • Display of a screen onto the virtual world space onto a large screen adjacent to the stage/speaker area/panel.
    • Use of a link facilitator logged into the virtual world and able to interact with the virtual participants but who can relay questions into the live event and assist with issues.
  • Decide how to handle backups for over capacity entrants into the virtual 3D space, (typically by using an adjacent backup 3D space, or relay spaces, or limit attendancve to specific users or groups).
  • Decide how to handle the situation where users cannot acces the 3D Soace for any reason (firewall, unavailability of the service, etc.) provide information, and in some cases a simpler but functional access route on the event web page.

Virtual World Event

To be added.

Video Streaming Formats

See Video Formats Article