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An I-Room is a meeting space for collaboration and can be provided in virtual worlds such as Second Life and OpenSim. It is designed for brain storming style meetings and as an operations centre. I-Rooms are used in the I-X/I-Room research on intelligent collaborative and task support environments at AIAI, School of Informatics, The University of Edinburgh.
I-Room Video Tour

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Second Life

OpenVCE 3D Space - Round table for up to 25 people



Watch videos of an I-Room in use:

The building is freely available via the Vue region in Second Life and in Opensim. See http://openvce.net/downloads

Example I-Rooms for Training, Simulation and Tutorials

I-Rooms are available in Second Life and Opensim. An I-Room provides a two storey building with central area and four work zones, designed for collaborative and brain storming style meetings. An I-Room can be used an a rapidly deployed operations center for example. Plenty of wall space is available for displays and gadgets. Each of the four corners can easily be converted to a small two storey block, or a larger double height block. The I-Room style buildings are used in the I-X/I-Room research on intelligent collaborative and task support environments at AIAI, The University of Edinburgh.

Potential Applications:

  • Virtual collaboration center
  • Business teleconferencing
  • Team Meetings for projects, products or reviews
  • Product Help Desks
  • Design to Product - product lifecycle workflow support
  • Environmental, building and plant monitoring center
  • Health and safety at work, disability awareness
  • Intelligent tutors, guides and greeters
  • Active demonstration pavilions


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