KSCO Community to use OpenVCE.net and related web 2.0 tools

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The KSCO community at the KSCO-2010 meeting in Vancouver agreed to try to make use of web collaboration tools and social media in it's work and preparations for KSCO-2012.

In particular initially the OpenVCE.net KSCO community area at http://openvce.net/ksco will be used to ease management of the KSCO mailing list (currently using a mailing list manager with relatively manual updates) and help users self manage their subscriptions to the list and the ways in which they receive notifications. OpenVCE.net includes links to a community Wiki (based on MediaWiki as used in Wikipedia) for improved sharing of community knowledge , and the area can link to event management, status feeds such as via Twitter, media for images and videos, and even provides links for teleconferencing support via Abobe Connect and virtual world based 3D meeting spaces.

Note that most content for the KSCO area on OpenVCE.net can be read without login, but only members can post messages, add Wiki content and receive notifications of updates.

For better context awareness within the community, the Twitter tag #ksco will be used, so add that search to your own timeline.

In the next few months a couple of mailings to the KSCO mailing list will be made explaining the use of the new facilities, as we wind down use of the old mailing list. We encourage all involved with KSCO to join in the new area by registering at http://openvce.net