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A page of helpful links.

Crisis and Emergency Response Community Links

Social Networks Links

  • Ning
    The Ning Website
  • Wikipedia - Comparison of social networking software
    Comparative table of features of a range of social networking and CMS platforms
  • Microsoft Vine
    Microsoft Vine connects you to the people and places you care about most, when it matters. Stay in touch with family and friends, be informed when someone needs help. Get involved to create great communities. Use alerts, reports and your personal dashboard to stay in touch, informed and involved.
  • Google Wave
    An open source and open API tool for communication and collaboration on the web

Virtual Worlds Links

  • Second Life
    Second Life
  • Join Second Life Free
    Join Second Life Free... suggest you skip the community step
  • Second Life Tutorial Videos by Ho Max
    Learning fundamentals about operating your avatar in Second Life
  • Opensim
    Open Source Virtual Worlds Server accessible via Second Life Viewer with a modified -loginuri parameter
  • US Nexus from ECS
    ECS creates virtual worlds based training and simlation aids such as US Nexus. Demonstration videos for projects such as the US Joint State Response Training System (JSRTS) are available online.
  • MyBase - the US Air Force in Second Life
    Second Life regions for public outreach from the US Army, Navy, Air Force and other organinizations. Start at "MyBase" for an introduction. MyBase is a set of regions dedicated to sharing the history and learning about the U.S. Air Force.
  • Real Life Government Agencies using Second Life (GuSL)
    Mailing list is for people from real life government agencies around the world who are interested in or currently using Second Life. Used to share information that might be of interest to national and local government agencies, NGOs, and nonprofits.
  • Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds
    FCVW supports individuals and organizations to improve government collaboration through the use of virtual worlds to enrich collaborative online experiences.
  • Blue Mars 2150
    HD Virtual World for business, education and entertainment
  • Project Wonderland
    Sun led 3D virtual worlds project and community, especially for education
  • Unity3D  
    Game develipment and 3D virtual world platform. More information here.

OpenVCE Links

Other Links