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The Official OpenVCE logo and icon are shown here:


The double growing wave is intended to reflect a build up of community enengy.

Logo Design by Austin Tate, AIAI, University of Edinburgh, March 2009. Final Artwork by David Fliesen, USJFCOM/J5 Joint Futures, June 2009.

The OpenVCE "double wave" logo and the "wave" icon (using the right hand of the two waves from the logo) plus the colours adopted are listed at:

The origination formats of the logo (.ai, .dxf, .esp, .fla, psd) are available at:

A range of raster versions (.gif, .jpg, .ico, .png) are available at:

Colour Palette

The main logo uses 3 greys, although there is also a version that is set on a white backgound for use when needed.

On the current web site, a warm brown link colour and salmon highlighter colour are also used.

Logo Background Colour ("Dark Grey" RGB: 67,67,67 #434343)      
Logo Wave Colour ("Mid Grey" RGB: 157,157,157 #9d9d9d)  
Logo Text Colour ("Pale Grey" RGB: 228,228,228 #e4e4e4)  
Link Colour ("Warm Brown" RGB: 139,69,19 #8b4513)  
Highlight Colour ("Salmon" RGB: 211,184,165#d2b8a5)  

The old 3 blue colour logo we initially used at  is still there in case its useful. But the 3 grey base is what we hope to stick with now.

OpenVCE - "Wave" Logo Colours:


  • Dark Grey Background:  #434343 RGB: 67,67,67
  • Mid Grey Wave: #9d9d9d RGB: 157,157,157
  • Pale Grey Text: #e4e4e4 RGB: 228,228,228

Grey Alternative where needed for White Background:

  • White Background:  #ffffff RGB: 255,255,255
  • Mid Grey Wave: Grey Text: #e4e4e4 RGB: 157,157,157
  • Light Grey Text: #5f5f5f RGB: 95,95,95

Suggested Link or Highlight Colour (current used on Web Site):

  • Warm Brown: #8b4513 RGB: 139,69,19
  • Salmon: #d2b8a5 RGB: 211, 184,165

Not Active at Present - Blue Alternative on Pale Blue or White:

  • Pale Grey Background:  #dce9fc RGB: 220,233,252
  • Mid Blue Wave: #84acf0 RGB: 132,172,240
  • Dark BlueText: #06338b RGB: 6,51,139