Multiple Facilities Multiple Logins

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In this early virtual collaboration environment, we are using quite a mixture of facilities provided by a number of different platforms and systems such as Joomla, Second Life, Media Wiki and Ning Groups. Some are commercially provided, others are based on open source solutions. Unfortunately, at present a number of the key elements require their own login usernames and passwords, and some have their own unique requirements on those.

The suggestions is that you adopt the following style: for the site use your usual name e.g. "Austin Tate". You can link that to a Second Life avatar name you have already created via the Second Life contact mechanism in that will show when you log on as a registered user. Second Life avatar names have to be in the style required by Linden Labs. For other elements try to use your real name where you can, or some version of it without spaces where that is necessary. Where the service requires its own style you will have to go with that.

We are very aware of this problem, and there are ways in which some systems can be jointly authenticatd. We are investivgating those for later versions. Also, we are looking at the use of aseparate single authentication methods such as OpenID for those systems which allow it.