KSCO-2012 set for February 2012 in Pensacola Florida

Austin Tate's picture

Knowledge Systems for Coalition Operations 2012 will be held in Pensacola, Florida in February 2012 with preparatory working groups meeting (it is hoped usinfg OpenVCE.net facilities) to prepare some theme areas in mid 2011. Proposals for the themes will be solicited.

Niranjan Suri and Jeff Bradshaw at IHMC will be local chairs, with James Lawton of EOARD the Program Chair as for recent KSCO events.

The KSCO working group will again assist with organisation. IHMC was due to host the KSCO-2004 event, which had to be cancelled following the damage done by Hurricane Ivan to the Pensacola area and IHMC facilities. The 2012 event is being set well out of the traditional hurricane season!