KSCO Expo Area in Second Life

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We have established a (largely empty) KSCO building space on the VCE region in Second Life... alongside the WoSCR facility, and offices used by the Cyber unit from the State of Virginia (VOICCE) and the US Army Research Labs, etc.

It can be reached via this URL (get an avatar in Second Life first): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/VCE/193/233/23


Plenty of space  if we want to rig up an Exposition, etc.  We likely will use the more actively supported I-Rooms and amphitheatre on the VCE region for meetings and workshops.

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Second Life KSCO Expo Pavilion



P.S. if you want to reduce mailings from the KSCO Group on OpenVCE.net look at your own profile, and the notifications area, and you can choose the frequency of mailings from seeing each individual every one to a digest for a time period up to a week long.  Change that anytime it gets too heavy.