OpenVCE Presenter

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Click here for page to upload new presentation

Create your presentation as PDF (e.g. using Create PDF or print from from Microsoft PowerPoint) and upload it using the web page above.  Zip uploads are also supported where the zip contains a set of images in PNG, JPG or GIF formats. Note that you can overwrite an older version by uploading a presentation with the same name once again. In all cases the presentation is converted to an image format that can be viewed in Second Life and Opensim via the standard media URL mechanism for plots. The presentations you upload are associated with your avatar name.

In Second Life or Opensim, touch the OpenVCE Presenter screen to get a list of all your uploaded presentations (by avatar name), and select the one you wish to give. The details are sent to the screen and you can then move through the presentation using the Next or Previous buttons, or return to the start of the presentation with the reset button. Settings (the cogs icon) can be used to turn the screen on and off, to jump to a specific slide number, and other things.

Managing Your Presentations

At the moment, other than overwriting old versions with new versions, there is no facility to view, rename, delete or copy your uploaded presentations. For now, ask admin to do that for you.  Send an e-mail with your instructions to  

In-World Screen Setup

The presenter screen object in Second Life or Opensim must be owned by plot owner to be able to change the media URL for the plot. On group owned land, deed the screen to the group.

Release and AIAI has made the presenter screen upload module for Drupal, and the in-world screen presenter LSL scripts available as open source assets at