Second Life Advanced Users Advice

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Voice Equipment

You normally use a single person headset and microphone for Voice in Second Life. But, for voice open-to-the-room for several people to hear and interact in one physicval space at the same time you need to use a good sound cancelling mic and speaker setup. One possibility is a Polycom Soundstation suitable for the room size, with the "Polycom Interconnect Box" (fitted in-line where the Cat 5 cable enters the power module) [Example UK Supplier]

Use a Logitech 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator, which connects via USB, to control avatar and camera movements smoothly during demonstrations. []

  • To use a 3D mouse such as 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator - Edit ->Preferences -> Input and Camera -> Setup Joystick -> Enable Joystick
  • SpaceNavigator is supported natively by Second Life without installation of any drivers. The SpaceNavigator default settings are available via a single button.

Animation Overrider

Use a good Animation Overrider (AO) to replace the default set of "duck waddle" walks. Suggest a set from Abranimations. Male Set 4 or Female Set 3 seems suitable. Approx L$800 (about US$3). Note it should always be turned off when using sitting poses in furniture though, or they can be overridden too. [Abranimations SLurl:]


To prevent your avatar being logged off after a period of inactivity, wear an "anti-idle" device - such as the free Starlabs [Example Supplier: XstreetSL - Starlabs Anti-Idler]