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[This page provides a set of resources and links for the convenience of those working on Sloodle in Second Life and OpenSim. Any attached files should be treated as derived copies from their original download locations, to which you should go if in doubt.]

SLOODLE is a free and open source project which integrates the multi-user virtual environments of Second Life and/or OpenSim with the Moodle learning-management system.


Introduction to SLoodle 2 Set - Fire Centaur - 18-Sep-2011

SLoodle for Second Life

SLoodle for OpenSim

Blog of Experience in using Moodle/SLoodle

  • - This is a blog for an educational project in the MSC in e-Learning at the University of Edinburgh School of Education, but also serves as a diary of some of teh work on Moodle/SLoodle related to



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Thanks for posting!

Thanks for posting this Austin! For those that didnt see, here is a video of what the Sloodle 2.0  Rezzer can do!