How to get an Avatar in Second Life?

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A 3D Virtual Collaboration Environment is under development for your community in Second Life.

Getting started... If you do not already have a Second Life "avatar" please get one first. Some guidance can be found here:

After you have your Second Life avatar, and have completed the orientation tour, please visit the initial collaboration facility at:

VW Platform Location URL Launcher
Second Life OpenVCE 3D Space - I-Zone teleport

Some Second Life viewers have "Basic" and "Advanced" modes... and default initially to "Basic" mode.  Basic mode is fine to get a feel for the environment, but to use voice, see inventory and other essential things related to collaborative meetings you need to use "Advanced" mode.  This is also the normal mode in many viewers.

If you want to look like a Pro right away, you can check you have the key skills for typical collaboration meetings in Second Life by visiting this web page on Second Life Checks.

Setup and Test Your System