Second Life Meeting Attendance Procedures

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(Don't wait until 10 minutes before the meeting to test this)

Step 1: You'll need to have a Second Life account (which is free) and a Second Life viewer (basically a 3D Web Browser) to attend the conference inside of a virtual world environment.  If you already have both of these, skip to step 5.

Step 2: Signup for a Second Life account at:

  • (NOTE: You are limited to the last names that are available.  If you want to use your real name, we suggest using upper and lower case to put in both your first and last name and then selecting from one of the available last names: i.e. Jane Doe could select an avatar name like JaneDoe Solo)

Step 3: Download a Second Life viewer at:

Step 4: Install the Second Life viewer you just downloaded.

Step 5: Suggest looking at the Second Life Quick Start :

Step 6: Teleport to the virtual meeting by clicking on the event link normally given to launch Second Life with that location preset, e.g.

Step 7: When the Second Life viewer launches, type in your avatar's first name, last name. and password that you selected when you created your avatar.  Leave the location to the preset one for the IRMC Info Leader. Click on the LOG IN button to start.

Step 8: Ensure that your computer volume is turned on.  If you intend to speak at the conference, you should use a microphone to avoid audio feedback.

Step 9: Once you arrive, you'll want to play media on parcel by clicking on the video play button.  It's a triangle next to a film camera icon on the bottom right of your Second Life viewer.

Step 10: Additional Help: For additional help getting started in Second Life, see the following websites: