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APAN - All Partners Access Network

APAN OpenVCE Group:

News: OpenVCE Group on Harmonie Web Moved to APAN

The OpenVCE group hosted on HarmonieWeb (see has transitioned to the APAN Community support network.  Adobe Connect facilities on HarmonieWeb (typically via a standing meeting at were used to allow "web observer" to participate in OpenVCE events workshops and emergency response experiments, especially run by the US Army Research Laboratory's Human Research and Engineering Directorate (HRED) and USJFCOM. The previous HarmonieWeb OpenVCE group was at

Introducing APAN

The All Partners Access Network (APAN) is an unclassified, non-dot-mil network providing interoperability and connectivity among partners over a common platform.

APAN fosters information exchange and collaboration between the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and any external country, organization, agency or individual that does not have ready access to traditional DoD systems and networks.



APAN is built on the Telligent Community Platform with additional enhancements developed by internal APAN Development Team. It also incorporates third-party solutions such as MailEnable and Adobe Connect. The 200 seat (at end of 2011) Adobe Connect service offers many, if not all, of the same tools offered by HarmonieWeb’s version of Adobe Connect.

OpenVCE Group Adobe Connect

Adobe connect meeting rooms are set up on a rservation basis. But a stable URL is used for the main meetings so its easy to remember:

XMPP/Jabber Messaging Linkup on Mobile or Desktop Clients

See details at

  • Protocol: XMPP
  • Resource: Any (indicated type of cvhat client)
  • JabberID:
  • Username: enter your APAN username
  • Local Alias: Your APAN display name
  • Password: enter your APAN password
  • Connect Server:  (later sets itself just to but chat. needed at first)
  • Connect Port: 5222
  • Domain:
  • Connection Security: Require Encryption. Allow Plaintext authentication: no. Use SSL/TLS: no.

Then if FIRST use click create account (this is an XMPP account to add to your APAN one), if second use ensure create an account is NOT set. After login your buddy/friends list should show and you can now do P2P messaging to them.

XMPP/Jabber Messaging with OpenVCE Group Chat

To join the OpenVCE standing group chat room:

  • Join Conference Room
  • Conference Host:
  • Select  Create or Join Room
  • When asked for the room name or id use the "RoomID"  openvce399

Resources for Transition

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