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Renewable Energy Symposium: Fundraising Event for Fukushima - 11 March 2013

Renewable Energy Symposium: Fundraising Event for Fukushima to be held on 11 March 2013.

Event website is: http://www.after-tsunami.org/

The event is a symposium on renewable energy in Scotland in connection with Fukushima local government's decision to attain 100% electricity from reneweable energy by 2040. Through the event we hope to connect the University of Edinburgh and the University of Fukushima.

Donations raised at the event would be sent to Fukushima Future Centre for Regional Revitalization, which was set up by University of Fukushima after the disaster in March 2011 for promoting renewable energy.

This event's cohosting bodies are Institute for Energy Systems (University of Edinburgh), International Network on Offshore Renewable Energy, and the Day after the Tsunami Committee.

Live Video Streaming of the event will occur from 6:25pm via:

The live video stream will be relayed into "The Venue@Vue", a virtual worlds meeting space on the Virtual University of Edinburgh (Vue) regions in Second Life.

VW PlatformLocationURLLauncher
Second LifeThe Venue@Vue - Auditorium for up to 50 people


Title:Renewable Energy Symposium: Fundraising Event for Fukushima
Event Web Page:http://www.after-tsunami.org/
Date:Monday 11th March, 2013, 18:30 to 22:00 UTC (GMT)
Location:Appleton Tower, Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH9 9AB, UK
Modalities:Symposium, Live Video Stream, Second Life Relay [no VoIP or Second Life voice planned]
Attendance:Please register for the main symposium.  Drop in and self help for Live Video Stream and Second Life Relay.
Event Organizer:Second Life Relay Setup by Austin Tate <a.tate@ed.ac.uk>
Quicktime Video URL:rtsp://reith.ucs.ed.ac.uk/DayAfterTheTsunami-2013_qt.sdp [Quicktime]
Event Status:Twitter Tag: #openvce


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Google Maps Visualization of Fukushima Dosage Data

Note that the map below and the data it contains are for demonstration purposes only: it does not display the latest readings, and is not intended to be used for decision-making.

Based on data released on 28 March 2011 by MEXT showing cumulative and average hourly radiation dose at 10 monitoring posts around Fukushima 1 NPP.

The circles in the map are centred on the approximate location of the monitoring posts. The sizes of the circles represent the relative magnitude of the cumulative doses recorded at those posts. The colour of each circle represents the average hourly dose, with red indicating an average dose of 20 µSv/hr or more, amber an average dose of between 10 and 20 µSv/hr, and green an average dose of less than 10 µSv/hr.

Note that the source data is based on readings at the various posts over durations ranging from 1 day to 4 days, and hence the data and the representation of it below (especially the cumulative dose) are not directly comparable.

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