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Simplified I-Room for DICE Deployed in OpenSim-based MOSES Grid

A simplified design of I-Room has been moved from its original location on the VCE region in Second Life onto OpenVCE group space on the US Army run MOSES OpenSim grid.  It is available both in a location on the main OpenVCE_00 region just off the Central Plaza, and across from the original more complex I-Room, and for experimentation it is also on a radically simplified region OpenVCE_03 on MOSES.


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OpenVCE Region on MOSES

OpenVCE Region as at 2-Aug-2011 contains 3,859 primitives and has an OAR size of 28MB.

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MOSES: Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy


Project MOSES is an exploratory effort designed to evaluate the ability of the Open Simulator to replace Second Life Enterprise (SLE) for independent and secured access to a Virtual World environment.

DTED, VOIP, and Web Based Monitoring Tools are just a few robust features MOSES offers.


For more information see these postings:

Account signup - after suitable checks on your involvement, is available via:















The OpenVCE Project has a region on MOSES:

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