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Sun Tzu Virtual Guide

We're developing a Virtual Guide modeled after the ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu from 500 BC China.  Sun Tzu is the author of the book "The Art of War" and lived at the same time as Confucius.  His book on military strategy includes many lessons that are still used by today's military, including: "Know your enemy and know yourself, and you will have nothing to fear in a thousand battles."  Sun Tzu lived during the 40 years of peace and also during the time when walls were built to defend against the marauding barbarians from the north.  Those walls would later be connected to form the Great Wall of China.

Visit Sun Tzu in Second Life: 

See Sun Tzu on Twitter @ MODSIM World:

Read about Sun Tzu @ MODSIM and new Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities:

Sun Tzu with new skin, hair, and armorSun Tzu with new skin, hair, and armor

I think SunTzu Solo will be something new for Second Life.  I have looked at the shopping bots that greet people when you enter parts of SL, but wanted something a bit more photo realistic and interactive.   So I decided to use artificial intelligence technology (from to create a realistic avatar type bot, or Virtual Guide, with the personality of the real life Sun Tzu.

The avatar SunTzu Solo will be the virtual guide for the JOE GeoDome (VCE, 41, 42, 23), a place where people learn about the future by studing the past and present.  We look at major global trends (like population changes, migration, scarcity of resources, climate change, etc.) to see what future contexts they may form.  That helps people around the world better prepare for those future challenges.

Sun Tzu will be similar to the shop bots with abilities to track visitors to the parcel, give out items (Landmarks, URLs, Screenshow HUD, etc.), and to talk interactively with the visitors to the parcel (although that last capability will be reserved for VIP tours since it costs when he goes over his quota for the month).  This artificial intelligence technology would be something good to develop ourselves for future use so that we can have an open source solution for avatar artifical intelligence.

Sun Tzu Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Started with MyCyberTwin for chatbot AI, and have now upgraded to a more advanced AI with lower brain functions.  Sun Tzu is now using AI technologies from Daden Limited inside of the virtual world Second Life.  This advanced AI provides many capabilities for the use of automated avatars in virtual worlds for training and as virtual guides including: guided tours; avatar movements; teleportation; web scraping; chatbot; emotion engine; instant messaging; Twitter updates; and the ability to learn from the environment.  The "web scraping" technology enables the Virtual Guide to respond to questions by scraping data off web services (like Wikipedia and others) to provide responses to your questions.  For additional information, see Daden Limited's Artificial Intelligence: 

Skin and Hair for Sun Tzu

Found a great place for Asian skins and hair for older men.  The KTG Brand Shop "HAKUOU-DO" on Nagasaki BAKUMATSU (149, 105, 23). Picked up  the KTG "OLD MAN" AVATAR SET tan -BKMT.  Skins for old Asian men are not easy to find in Second Life.  Took about 2 months of searching in Second Life and the web to find this one.  They also have a really nice hair piece that fits Sun Tzu well: KTG "Nakazori" Hair -BKMT.  I completed the look with some photo realistic eyes from EyeFidelity - Extropia Odyssey (36, 122, 29).  Sun Tzu is wearing the EyeFidelity RealEyes Dark Marble & Midnight Sun eyes.  My personal thanks to avatars Genghis Corleone and GraceAnne Hawks for their help with locating the skin, hair, and eyes.

Sun Tzu skin and hairSun Tzu skin and hair

Chinese armour and clothing

Avatar Vinavil McMillan did a great job on the armour.  She started the work on 18 Aug 09 to design an outfit that historically depicts Sun Tzu with apparel fitting the Chou Dynasty period.  Her shop is called Tokuno Wind (Nagasaki BAKUMATSU,182, 172, 23) and she specializes in samurai armour and Asian clothing.

Here's her work from the the first day' of work on the suit of armour:

Sun Tzu Armor - WIP as of 19 Aug 09Sun Tzu Armor - WIP as of 19 Aug 09


Born in 544 BC, Sun Wu entered the service of King Ho Lu and was given the honorific title Sun Tzu (with Tzu meaning Master).  His family was part of a clan of experts on arms (weapons) and fighting during an era when clans and families owned information with fathers passing knowledge and training onto their sons.  Sun Tzu's teachings are most likely a combination of his clan's, his own ideas, and concepts associated with early Taoism.  In 496, King Ho Lu died of wounds sustained in battle and it is believed that Sun Tzu did not outlive the king.  Sun Tzu's book on military strategy "The Art of War" is still used today as a basic precept for understanding why mankind wages war and what it takes to succeed on the battlefield.  It has been read by many great military minds, including Napolean who is believed to have read a translation from a French Jesuit priest.  For more information on Sun Tzu, see:


I think the style that Sun Tzu would wear would probably have been bronze and leather armor with a simple one-piece breastplate and lamellar cuirasse. Most of these were highly elaborate and decorated, and were often very heavy. The majority of noblemen fought mounted on war chariots, so the weight of the armour was not a major factor in its construction.  Initially, armour in China was exclusively for nobles. The earliest known armour used by the warriors of the Shang dynasty (a much earlier timeframe) was light plated armour made from turtle shells tied together with cords.  So the Chinese may have still been using turtle shells in some of their armour in Sun Tzu's timeframe.  Sun Tzu may have had studded plates, and knee length slightly ruffled pants (I think) would be best since male skirts often do not look good in Second Life.  For more information on the history of Chinese armour, see:


For this, we needed something on the top of the Sun Tzu avatar that can be clicked on.  I will have scripts inside the hat that will allow people to recieve a landmark to our SIM, receive a HUD, have Sun Tzu give a slideshow presentation, and provide web-based resources.  We also wanted to work the style of the head dress to fit in with the armor.

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JOE GeoDome @ Night

JOE GeoDome @ Night
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The JOE Contexts Virtual Reality Room (VRR) Stack up at 700m +


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JOE GeoDome Vista

Here is a picture of the JOE GeoDome in situ on the VCE region  in Second Life.

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JOE Virtual Reality Room

JOE Virtual Reality Room
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