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OpenVCE envisioned site structure

Let's open a discussion about the practicality and the needs in order to create a unified and cohesive OpenVCE site with a single login, consistent structure, and clear mapping of all needed collaborative functions for the WoSCR community.

I'd like to see a single platform used as the frame with some core capabilities of it's own but it's primary function is to host more specialized functions from other sources. I see Drupal as this frame.

The specialized functions fall into 3 general areas (taken from the CWA):

  1. Activity awareness
  2. Communication
  3. Coordination

The front page of the site would provide an overview of each of these functions and act as the entry point for further detail specific to that function if needed by the user. Consider this a dashboard with 3 primary functional components. The attached document provides a general layout.

With this model, each of the specialized components are required to be inserted or embedded into the general frame (Drupal). This automatically rules out some of the social networking sites that we've been investigating like Ning and Groupsite, which are more of a stand-alone turnkey solution. Using this general piece-by-piece approach, we have the flexibility to add or subtract components as new or changing technology comes and goes. We have all the resources under one framework which allows for a single login and consistent layout/structure.

The general layout shown in the image here gives emphasis on activity awareness and communication (closer to the top and given more area) as these are persistent functions that will be used more frequently with bursts of coordination required by community members. The communication panel, like all the site components in the header will remain constant across all pages. As the protocol is further developed, we can begin to tailor the specific structure within each component area to support that protocol and process.

Each time I view the GoogleWave video (condensed version,, I'm further convinced it provides the best solution for our communication needs. For that reason, I'd like to substitute the social network features for it until it's ready and then replace the social networking communication features for that of GoogleWave. Other than document collaboration, GoingOn for example provides all the features that GoogleWave would (but potentially not as well).

Thoughts, ideas, issues, and concerns?

Added a more developed concept image at OpenVCE-MEET-9 on 3-Sep-2009 - Image by Jeff Hansberger



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OpenVCE Platforms and Facilities

The OpenVCE facilities are provided on three principal platforms:

  • Social networking for groups platform (Drupal-based and Ning ones are under test)
  • Drupal-based Apache/MySQL/PHP Content Management System
  • Second Life/Opensim virtual world platforms

These are now being evaluated for ease of use and improved integration, common single-sign-on authentication methods, etc.  Some of these platforms overlap in terms of the faciities they can offer, or in some cases a tentative choice has been made as to which platform provides the required faciities in the current intgerated offering.

Support for CWA Process

Jeff Hansberger notes... 11-Aug-2009...

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3D Space

If you do not already have a Second Life "avatar" please get one first. Some guidance can be found here:

After you have your Second Life avatar, and have completed the initial orientation tour, please visit the OpenVCE collaboration facility at:

VW Platform Location URL Launcher
Second Life

OpenVCE 3D Space - I-Zone - Round table for up to 25 people


Alternative Access via:

Other OpenVCE 3D Space facilities include:

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OpenVCE Facilities Wish List

Add your suggestions for OpenVCE facilities you would like to see, or nrte existing facilities you would like to see modified.

Modified: Improvements to WYSIWYG editor and its Image handling to be more robust to image modifications [Austin Tate]

New: easy route for taking PowerPoint presntations through to presentations in Second  Life and Opensim [Austin Tate]

New: Improved ways to log text chat in an area, and an extended area beyond the 20m typical chat distance [Austin Tate]

New: Ability to do single sign on for Ning (via Ning Id) and Drupal site [Austin Tate]

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