VATAR - Virtual Avatar Training and Recreation

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The Virtual Avatar Training and Recreation programme (VATAR) is a regular opportunity to get together in Second Life and meet others involved in the the Virtual Collaboration Environment. There are regular sessions where you can meet other people from across the community who are involved in Virtual Worlds and discuss what they are doing, ask for hints and tips and learn new skills. You are encouraged to come along, join in and share.

Gain experience with your avatar in fun sessions:

  • Skydiving
  • Scuba Diving
  • Winter Festival
  • Vehicle Trips

And rather more serious tutorials to help you get theost out of attending events in the 3D space:

  • Avatar Appearance
  • Building and Texturing
  • Inventory Management
  • Voice/VoIP

And then, when you feel you are ready, try the VATAR Ultimate Challenge Course.

This programme is based on the Virtual University of Edinburgh's VATAR programme, which you can see described here.

Date Event Type URL Launcher
29-Oct-2009 09:00 EDT Scuba Diving

Open Challenge Ultimate Challenge Teleport



Previous VATAR Events

Date Event Type URL Attendees
24-Sep-2009 09:00 EDT

Skydiving 3 attendees
3-Sep-2009 09:00 EDT Voice 7 attendees
27-Aug-2009 09:00 EDT Scuba Diving

4 attendees
20-Aug-2009 09:00 EDT

Skydiving 4 attendees