OpenVCE Virtual World Assets

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  1. Open Virtual Collaboration Environment Virtual World Assets
  2. OpenVCE Presentation System
  3. I-Room
  4. OpenVCE Custom Drupal Installer (see

Open Virtual Collaboration Environment Virtual World Assets
Version: 1.3
Revision Date: 13-Aug-2009

Description: Freely available buildings, landscaping elements and textures to support the creation of collaborative and other facilities in virtual worlds such as Second Life and Opensim. A set of assets are available for use in Second Life and Opensim.

The assets include:

  • Central Plaza
  • Orientation Area
  • Amphitheatre (configurable for 1-4 sims)
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Expo Pavilion
  • Large Project Room
  • Small Project Room
  • HQ Building
  • Box of Landscaping Elements
  • Box of Textures
  • Box of Orientation Signs (Font Information)


  • Design and Development: Clever Zebra (
  • Design Inputs from AIAI, University of Edinburgh (Austin Tate, Stephen Potter).
  • Other contributions by: Bethi Catteneo (seat sculpt map).
  • The development of these resources was supported by a grant from the OpenVCE project (

OpenVCE Presentation System
Version: 1.0
Revision Date: 7-Oct-2009

Description: Second Life Presentation System which allows display and in-world preview, screen viewing and forwards/backwards control of presentations uploaded to the "My Presentations" area of the OpenVCE custom Drupal installation.

Credits: Produced by Clever Zebra on behalf of the community and supported by a grant from the project (



Revision Date: 4-Aug-2009

Description: A two storey building with central area and 4 work zones, designed for collaborative and brain storming style meetings. Can be used as an operations centre. Plenty of wall space for displays and gadgets. Each of the 4 corners can easily be converted to a small two storey block, or a larger double height block. The I-Room style buildings are used in the I-X/I-Room research on intelligent collaborative and task support environments at AIAI, The University of Edinburgh.

Credits: Design and Development: AIAI, University of Edinburgh (Austin Tate).


The licence details and credits should remain attached to the assets. Open source under the GNU Lesser General Public License (Version 3, 29 June 2007) for maximum flexibility and re-use potential.

The OpenVCE approach makes use of modular components from many other open source contributors and communities, and are available under their respective licences. Most parts are available from their normal open source download site.


  • Available for use in Second Life and Opensim at:
  • Second Life OpenVCE assets are available in world on the Vue region in Second Life at:
  • Opensim OpenVCE assets are available on the OpenVCE region of the Openvue grid or may be obtained as an Opensim Archive (OAR) file to recreate a region with all the assets in place via: (select and download file "opensim-openvce.oar" for a typical setup with a selection of the assets suitable for a collaboration region, or "opensim-openvce-full.oar" for a region containing one example of all the assets) [Opensim assets: Image 1, Image 2]