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Not visible for me using

Not visible for me using Firefox...and throws errors in IE7.
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Wave Showing?

Do you mean you cannot even see the wave logo and link to log in on the developer sandbox.  You cannot see a wave until you have a login anway just now.  Something like this would show up if you logged in: http://openvce.net/wave-example

But it really should just be the wave iitself, which was displayed before.  It needs the code adjusting, as we are getting the whole Wave user area.  it also need the GUI colours amending to be OpenVCE.net style. This tutorial is what I followed to set it up: http://code.google.com/apis/wave/embed/guide.html

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Actually, I seem to be having

Actually, I seem to be having more general javascript problems using Firefox at the moment (preventing, for instance, the WYSIWYG editor appearing), so maybe this is not a general problem...

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Wave not operational at this date

The wave was working a few weeks ago, but seems to be failing again.  Now the sandbox login asks you to install the "Google Chrome Frame" for Internet Explorer.  Which does lets you view a wave in a separate window after sandbox login.  But the wave does not show in the frame within OpenVCE.net at http://openvce.net/wave  It does work in Firefox.

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Wave operations in non-sandbox mode

The wave is again operational.  And the "OpenVCE Wave" is now a public wave on the main Google Wave setup.