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Emergency Support Function Codes

ESF 1- Transportation: Provides transportation support.

ESF 2- Communications: Provides telecommunications, radio, and satellite support.

ESF 3- Public Works: Provides support in restoration of critical public services, roads, and utilities.

ESF 4- Fire Rescue: Supports detection and suppression of urban, rural, and wild fires.

ESF 5- Information: Collects, analyzes, and disseminates critical disaster information to Emergency Response Team members.

ESF 6- Mass Care: Manages temporary sheltering, mass feeding, and distribution of essential supplies to disaster victims.

ESF 7- Resources: Provides logistical and resource support to other organizations through purchasing, contracting, renting, and leasing of equipment/supplies.

ESF 8- Public Health: Provides health, medical care, and social service needs.

ESF 9- Search and Rescue: Locates lost persons and victims trapped in collapsed structures, in addition to administering immediate medical care.

ESF 10- Hazardous Materials: Responds to actual or potential hazardous materials discharges and other situations threatening citizens and the environment.

ESF 11- Food and Water: Secures bulk food, water, and ice to support mass care sites and the overall relief operation.

ESF 12- Energy: Supports response and recovery from shortages and disruptions in supply and delivery of energy resources.

ESF 13- Military: Provides military resources to support logistical, medical, transportation, and security services.

ESF 14- Public Information: Provides emergency related information to the public.

ESF 15- Volunteers and Donations: Coordinates utilization and distribution of donated goods and services.

ESF 16- Law Enforcement: Coordinates the mobilization of law enforcement and security resources.

ESF 17- Animal Control: Provides rescue, protective care, feeding, and identification of animals separated from their owners.

ESF 18- Special Needs: Provides care for persons with special health considerations and needs in times of an evacuation.

ESF 19- Debris Removal: Provides the removal and disposal of disaster related debris.

ESF 20- Medical Services: Provides coordination between Emergency Rooms, Emergency Medical Services and the County.


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