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Briefings can be found at on "What MPAT Is" and listing of MPAT nations with other key program information. It is key to understand that MPAT "is not" a U.S. program in any manner; rather, it is owned by the 31 nations who participate in the program. MPAT nations are nations who have interests in the Asia Pacific region and desire multinational coordination ahead of a crisis in order to be able to respond quickly and rapidly. Of note, United Kingdom (UK), France (FR), Germany (GE), Canada (CA) and Italy (IT) are full members of the MPAT program in addition to the majority of the nations within the Asia-Pacific region.

Go to and supporting tabs at this site for key MNF SOP multinational documents. The "MDMP-M" Handbook (Military Decision Making Process - Multinational Handbook) at this site is being used extensively by MPAT nations in exercises and real world operations such as the ongoing crisis in Japan. It has been validated, in multinational exercises and real world operations, as supporting the achievement of integrated operations using comphrehesive and whole-of-government approaches (this being the goal of this handbook and the MNF SOP in general). It is designed to be easily translated into other languages by nations (is short, focused with diagrams visually depicting major operational planing concepts).

Japan 2011

MNF-SOP - Multinational Force Standard Operating Procedures

See and copies of PDF at

A separate Wiki section is available for the Multinational Force Standard Operating Procedures (MNF-SOP).

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