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  • case
  • coordinator
  • team


Subtask: State objective or task as a case

Subtask: Form team

Subtask: Prepare for first VCE meeting

  • Introduce Process Coordinator to Team
  • Communicate “Case” for Team Members
  • Establish Core Problem Dimensions

Subtask: Hold first VCE meeting

  • Perform Introductions
  • Agree on Team Process Guidelines
  • Define Core Problem Dimensions
  • Rate Core Problem Dimensions

Subtask: Prepare for second VCE meeting

  • Develop Awareness and Bases of Expertise within the Team for each Core Problem Dimension

Subtask: Hold second VCE meeting

  • Agree on Task Roles
  • Discuss Norms and Solution Development Process for each Core Problem Dimension

Subtask: Prepare for third VCE meeting

  • Produce Initial Individual Solution Templates
  • Provide Comments On All Individual Solution Templates
  • Update Individual Solution Templates with Feedback

Subtask: Hold third VCE meeting

  • Present Interim Solutions
  • Identify Gaps
  • Compile Full Plan Document
  • Post Initial Integrated Plan Document
  • Complete (?what)


  • Examples:
  • What is the time frame?
  • What other teams/organizations are working on this case?


  • Perform all top level activities all in a temporal sequence
  • Perform sub-activities in any suitable order


  • Annotations, comments, rationale and notes
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