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These are the areas in the Virtual Collaboration Protocol (VCP) that need web and/or 3D environment technology support. All input is welcome.

The discussion on the VCP and draft documents is at:

A summary of the steps in the VCP, and the technologies used at each step is at Protocol summary.



The input templates when the information is not available from the Catalyst DB. A Wiki page for an example VCP case that shows some prototypes of the various templates, or links to facilities is at VCE Example

Team Member Problem Maps

Individual team member problem map - should mostly be populated by DB data but need to have a quick form for individuals that are not in the DB. A sub-form of the Catalyst questionnaire where the data gets automatically entered into the DB?

  • TBA

Integrated team member problem map

Needs to be a collaborative document for the group to edit.

Individual team member experience matrix

Allows easy and automated(?) integration by the process coordinator into the integrated team experience matrix.

  • Extended profile on Collaboration Protal, custom fields, form filling special page, direct data base entry. Direct access and use of Catalyst dayta base via a custom collaboration portal page if allowed.

Roles Matrix & Expectations

Simple roll roster that can be filled in for identified team member selected from current team.

  • Extended profile on Collaboration Protal, custom fields, form filling special page, direct data base entry. Direct access and use of Catalyst dayta base via a custom collaboration portal page if allowed.

Problem dimension solution template

Need a template that can be possibly edited by others with comment area for other team member acknowledgment/contributions/feedback. Possibly a rating or evaluation system applied to it.

Integrated team experience maxtrix

Needs easy integration from the individual team member exp. matrix AND the problem dimension solution template

Project plan accountability matrix

More specific version of the integrated team experience matrix and provides updates and requests for additional help/resources that the team needs to maintain awareness on


Integrated plan document - needs to be available for edits and collaboration for changes.

Shared Reference Material

Collaborative space for posting reference material that all members have access to in the collaborative portal (CP) and the 3D environment. If it's posted in one, it should automatically be posted in the other. Posting of both editable and non-editable information should be allowed like the community accepted collaboration norms mentioned in the protocol (page 9).

  • Add comments


Polling capability among users. I know the capability is available both in the CP and 3D env. We need a description of the polling capabilities and limitations.

  • Protocol offers simple built in polls, where one choice from a list of choices can be made. It is currently set to allow only one vote by an authenticated and logged in user, though they canchange thweir vote while the poll is open. The "latest poll" an be shown as a block, e.g. in te right column. (Useful supplementary mechanism for quick feedback on web site)
  • AIAI has created a custom poll capability in PHP that allows for a wider range of questionaires. It is easily taolored to new uses. Its results are See example questionnaire [1] and exmaple results presentation [2]
  • In Second Life there are number of pollig systems and visual feedback aids that can be used during events. Examples have alreday been used during OpenVCE events such as SORASCS09.
  • Doodle Polls have been used for events, and the widget can be embedded in pages. Doodle polls allow for a rnage of single choice and multiple choice (e.g. team date/time slot finding) uses. See example [3]. (Recommended Approach)
  • An issue is that all these are not linked up well.

Document collaboration

There is a need for document collaboration. I propose two primary types:

  • Online document collaboration = Wiki. Allows for online collaboration with change detection and comments by community members. Can employ a rating system similar to Slashdot's "moderation system" ( for quality control if needed.
  • Shared storage for document sharing = Google Documents or online storage for documents with tracking turned on. Needs more investigation. Google Wave allows for some type of document collaboration but its full capability won't be completely known until it is released.


Profile information is needed for each community member and readily available to be searched and examined by other community members.

  • How much flexibility do we have to customize the fields in the OpenVCE/Drupal profile?
  • Is it possible to autofill some fields from the Catalyst DB where appropriate?
  • Explore the possibilities of linking the CP, 3D env. and DB profiles. I know there is some work linking the CP profile and 3D env. already.

Photo sharing

The means and location for sharing photos is needed. This capability needs to support posting photos from mobile devices like on-site photos from an ongoing crisis.

  • Profile picture sharing, which is already enabled and in use.
  • What are the means, methods and area/s for sharing & displaying other photos? Is there a gallery function for each user? If updates to a gallery is made, can that update be included in "what's happening"?
  • (Drupal) image galleries are in use and support galleries and sub-galleries. Extra tags can be added. These are fully integrated with the v"what's happening heartbeat for the site, and with teh tag cloud etc.
  • Flickr image links are possible, which means that Flickr image updates from mobile devices can be used.

Periodic update mechanism

A simple way to send out a single message or information out to the whole community or an identified sub-set of the community is needed.

  • Options include: 1) email blast 2) micro-blogging 3) other or combination of 1 & 2?
  • includes an adminitsrtaor accessible ability to send messages to the whole user base, or selected users based on a wide set of rule-base criteria.
  • is available for status updates. #openvce is the tag currently employed on, and group tags such as #woscr #ksco are also available. Twitter feeds on these tags show by default in the right column of event and group pages.
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