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This page contains a summary of the steps in the proposed Virtual Collaboration Protocol (VCP). For a more detailed discussion of the technologies required to implement this, see Protocol Technology.

Step Task summary Synchronous? Technologies Comments
  • Identify Process Coordinator (PC) and team members
no this occurs before the collaboration proper (and presumably requires its own protocol/procedure).
  • establish shared resource areas(s),
  • introduction,
  • communication of "Case" (problem),
  • individual analysis of case to identify problem dimensions
  • e-mail
  • add Case Wiki Section - copy Case Template which provides a proforma to support the case (including a suggested set of elements)
  • Add Case Forum - Create a new Forum for case (usually under WoSCR Forums)
  • Individual Problem Map of analysis by each team member (using form on OpenVCE website?)
problem dimensions may define evaluation criteria (AT)
2 1st virtual meeting:
  • group introductions and guidelines
  • define and prioritize shared set of dimensions
  • Post Introductions in Personal Blog
  • Second Life
  • Integrated Problem Map
  • CMap
  • web-form for agreed final version
  • polling mechanism to assign priorities
we don't have a good solution for realizing the integrated map in SL
  • Expertise analysis: individual appraisal of own expertise with respect to problem dimensions
  • Individual Experience Matrix, based on agreed problem dimensions; also includes more general background and information about team member (web-form?)
4 2nd virtual meeting:
  • agree Protocol roles and Protocol norms
  • agree solution development process for each problem dimension,
  • complete Integrated Experience Matrix (merge expertise of the group with respect to each problem dimension, and initial solution strategy and delivery date; dimensions for which there is no expertise involve "expert outreach" tasks)
  • complete Project Plan Accountability Matrix (for each dimension, summarise solution strategy, assign responsible person, and note current progress or issues that have arisen)
yes the process of assigning problem dimensions to team members in order to provide solutions is not clear (does a team member consider all dimensions? or only specific dimensions according to their expertise?). Overall, this step is not particularly well defined
5 no
  • e-mail
  • blogging?
  • Problem Dimension Solution Template (wiki - must allow multiple authors for critique);
  • "project planner" periodically collects information about progress and updates Accountability Matrix accordingly; "integrator" ensures that a consistent and integrated overall solution is developed.
length of this step determined by complexity/difficulty of assigned sub-tasks.
6 3rd virtual meeting: yes this step is quite vague; not clear whether the Plan Document needs to be visible to all (or indeed whether it is necessary to instigate it during this meeting), nor what format the Document should take
  • Solutions to individual problem dimensions are integrated into an Integrated Plan Document,
  • define deadlines for feedback and completion.
  • Integrated Plan Document - presumably same as "Full Plan" begun in previous stage - must allow multiple authors (Wiki?)
not clear who is in charge of this step, nor how or to whom the final Document is delivered
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