Types of Meeting Space

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Number of Participants

The meeting itself must be in a suitable space and must be managed. We are envisaging three types of space (+ overflow) for VCE

  • Small meeting room... up to 8 people. Also suitable for breakout rooms in larger meetings
  • Round table discussion - up to about 25 people. An I-Room is typically arranged in this configuration.
  • Larger workshop area with lecture theatre style and plinth/stage/main screen layout. Up to 80 people. This is also suitable for relaying a real life event from the stage.
  • Secondary and beyond relays or adjacent spaces for larger meetings.

Chaired vs. Unchaired

Related to the number of participants, a meeting may require one of the participants to act as a chair. If there is a chair some tools might be helpful, e.g. control over audio (who can currently speak), timing support (for lectures), support for question and answer sessions, etc.

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